About Me

Feminewbie (noun): 1. Someone, anyone, who works intersectionally to dismantle the violent and intricate system of white supremacy, starting with the first revolution of admitting, “I don’t know. Let me google/listen/learn.”


I created this blog almost three years ago to document my journey down the rabbit hole of intersectional feminism. Some articles make me smile, others make me cringe. Ultimately, I want my work as feminewbie to reflect my experiences and foster dialogue amongst marginalized peoples so that we can recognize each other’s struggles and unite in the fight for social liberation.

I’m originally from the DC Metropolitan area but have been living in Southern Germany for more than five years now. I’ve traveled through Europe, spent extensive time in Southeast Asia, and made friends in East Africa. These experiences have urged me to learn as much as I can about myself and my world , and to challenge white supremacist social constructs, including the ones that my own identity is locked in.

Currently, I work with children as an English and Art teacher while finishing my studies and organizing safe spaces with other siblings of the Diaspora. Since 2015 I have been facilitating workshops with youth around the state about The History of Black America and Black Lives Today, and The History of Blackface and Blackface in Europe Today.

For fun, I play ukulele and tetris, take long showers, and make timelapse videos to my favorite songs. Yeah I know, just get me a cat.

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Very much identified with the post about your encounter in the park with German police. So much respect and admiration for your refusal to be intimidated into submission. Love from the states!

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  2. Hey there…

    I already directed a tweet at you on Twitter but maybe you didn’t see it. I write for ze.tt and I’m working on an article about racial profiling/random police checks here in Germany for which I need some personal testimonies from people who have witnessed/experienced this.

    That’s why I’d really love to interview you via e-mail or phone if you like I wouldn’t want to take too much of your time.

    If you could maybe let me know if you’re interested could you send me a quick e-mail?

    Warmest regards,

    Saba MBoundza


  3. Great journey you have embarked on. We need such unapologetic dialogue. May God continue to guide you and give you strength to uncover the reality of the people of the soil.


  4. Hey Dan , Your last post hit my inbox , and would like to have a conversation with you if I may ( moderately intelligent white guy here , ) shoot me an email if you would .


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