Your Pimple is an Act of Resistance

sometimes i have pimples. lately i’ve been looking at them as

b e a u t i f u l.

i wash my face everyday and use all natural products– i still get pimples.

one day i was feeling so bad about that.
i was like “maybe i should buy the harsh stuff again.. it worked”
And I felt so sad because I don’t want to put that shit on my face ever again,
but I don’t want pimples either, but I don’t want to strip my face of it’s natural oils just to combat some pimples. And the argument went around like that in my head for a while before I thought,
Why am I “combatting” my own face, anyway?

Photo on 3-30-16 at 11.42 AM

Then I thought about the Beyonce-pimple scandal last year. I thought about all of my friends and family  — every face I could summon to appear before my mind’s eye. And you know what I saw?

Pimples, guys.

All of us. I saw all of us with pimples on our faces.

And seeing that, I felt peace. something inside of me accepted it:
Pimples are a part of your face.

And then I started to wonder about these ideas in the first place,
and even the very definition of a pimple.

Because it’s not just “a small swelling of the skin, usually caused by acne; a papule or pustule”.

The definition is in the feeling.


The feeling you get when you see a bad zit
on your face or someone else’s.
A feeling of such intense revulsion
that you will douse your own skin
your own face
in harsh chemicals.
Rinse. Twice a Day.

How similar is this idea that we need a sterile face —
and are willing to strip it of its natural oils
and destroy its layers to have “complete control”
so dead that nothing will grow! —
to the belief that we need a sterile world?
That is it only good when it is sterile.
Sterile of anything brown and everything Black.
And that we must combat all that stands in the way of that.
To protect a system that teaches us kill over connect.
Death before empathy.
Destroy, don’t understand.

To accept that.

this world only exists because we are so submerged in its thinking in absolutely everything that we do; from the moment we wake up and wash our faces to the moment we finally ask why… Why do we regard a system that works and feeds off us hating ourselves down to the pores on our faces as… normal?

Is a pimple not an act of resistance?




One thought on “Your Pimple is an Act of Resistance

  1. Im sorry this happened to both of you. It shouldn’t have happened. It should never happen. And none of us as humans should choose to just be bystanders when it is clearly wrong. Those who act and think like this are not just being witnesses. They are DOING. They are TAKING ACTION. Horrible actions. So why arent we. Its easy when you’re not the one in the line of fire to stay silent or look away or actually just not see any of it. And its fucking ridiculous. We are all the collective consciousness of our day and what gives any of us any true meaning and the biggest gift of higher level thought that the human species has been blessed with is our HUMANITY. You are beautiful and the day in the park sounded beautiful until this ugliness and one unfortunate part of reality set in.


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