I Like It Wet and Consensual Yell My Name It’s Sex Positive

Photo on 10-23-15 at 3.00 PM (3)

to get through the lips between my legs
u first have to go through the ones on my face

u can try open sesame 10,000 times
my pussy isn’t a lock
ur dick isn’t a key
My Yes is the only magic word
so ask me explicitly
hi (1)

then let me fuck u the same way

or not



Photo on 10-23-15 at 3.02 PM
My No is fixed in time and space
as endless and true as the atoms
that have created me
in all of my entirety

as powerful, deep, and definite
as the force of 10,000 Black holes

Or the one sacred inside me
That u wish to get lost in

By screaming

Open Sesame
Open Sesame
Open Sesame

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