Back to Africa

11033129_10153535906182952_1462244244477354087_o⁓Hey Everyone,

6 months ago I went to Zanzibar, Tanzania… My visa hasn’t expired yet and I have two weeks before I start a new job. So I’ve booked my ticket and I’m heading back in 12 days.

Last time I was there, I met some incredible people who I will see again. And I’m definitely making a little movie. I’m not exactly sure what it will be, but for sure I want it to be revolutionary because the core of it will be love and reconnection with Africa. I want it to be a go-to self-care short.

My question to everyone out there in the Diaspora is, what would you like to know?

Like I said, I leave in 12 days and I will ask whatever you want, as long as the questions are respectful and curious. Questions like: What’s a song that all children sing? What’s a dish that everyone should try once in their lives? Etc.

This is not supposed to be a painful mini movie, so please be considerate with questions that revolve around crime or poverty. I want to learn from my African siblings, not trigger them or myself.

Feeling so much excitement and gratitude! Hope this will turn into a journey that all of us can take! 🙂


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